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Vestiges enneigés

A creation for Caron’s winter window displays, designed and produced in our Studio.

This decor reinterprets the festive and enchanting spirit of the winter season. In this timeless scenery surrounded by mystery, architectural vestiges and precious artefacts depict a moment suspended in time, as trails in the snow guide the eye to discover Caron’s fragrances.
The scented creations evolve in an immaculate, fantastical scenery lit by a multitude of frosty facets and glimmers of gold. For this new season of wonder, we collected and transformed used materials such as fragments of mirrors, leather, polystyrene or even plaster blocks. Some old pieces of furniture also became sculptural vestiges framing this poetic decor.

Maison Caron, Paris

Claire Viveret: production assistant
Sacré Bonus: silkscreen printing
Wondervision Studio: photography