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Alternative Pedagogies

Our expertise
Methodology & Pedagogy
Social innovation
Collective intelligence
Sensory design & Craftwork

Fields of application

We offer programmes, workshops and experiences which raise awareness about the social and environmental issues. They open a range of possibilities for conceptual thinking around the notions of reject and norms of beauty. Our challenge is to invent space-times out of daily life which question our relations with ourselves, others, our senses and the matter.
These workshops are intended for any company, school or institution interested in co-creating an alternative and pedagogical project as well as a committed civic action. We work together with you to design tailor-made experiences that meet your needs.


. We provide collective intelligence tools and methodologies to learn to create as a group.
. We focus on the process rather than on the result in order to create something original.
. We sublimate waste materials to invent new aesthetic, immersive and narrative languages.
We aim to change the perception of a reject, and reinforce our accountability link to matter.
. We rely on powerful symbols which bond living beings: the manual exploration and the act of making together.