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Our Manifesto

Wondervision strives to reimagine forgotten materials by creating decors and scenographies to meet the social and environmental challenges of brands and institutions. We develop new narratives in which waste becomes a resource.

We create futuristic scenarios outside of the dominant framework. We offer workshops and artistic training which interrogates the norm and focuses on the act of doing together as well as the sensorial experience.

Our approach highlights people’s values and promotes the emergence of fundamental human energies and synergies to transform our society. Because it is human links which give meaning to life.

“Whether it is synthetic or natural, raw or embellished, a material holds a special power. An emotional, sensorial and symbolic charge all at once.”

Our Vision

We have decided to apply our mastery of the Matter to the elaboration of new plastic and theoretical discourses. We choose to turn waste into a resource and to shift our expertise from the productive to the relational.
Therefore to turn our profession into a laboratory for analysis and speculation of our futures. To give it meaning and make it responsible in the face of the various crises we’re experiencing in the age of neo-liberalism and ecological issues.

The team

Wondervision is a creative studio led by 4 artists, craftpeople and designers. We explore the imaginary of Matter by developing a sustainable and committed expertise through upcycling.


Juliette first studied fashion before she specialized in craftsmanship, and more specifically embroidery. She uses her creativity and unique sensibility to enrich and expand the Studio’ signature. Thanks to the artisanal transformation and embellishment of materials, she likes to create abstract landscapes with intriguing shapes and textures. As well as experimenting with the almost-endless possibilities of the upcycling methodology.


Sidonie’s experience lies in between experimental design and arts. As the Studio’s storyteller, she develops its immersive narrative and poetic imaginaries. Her creative mind is always ready to tackle new challenges, such as the digital craftsmanship experiments that she currently explores with Juliette. She also questions and highlights sensoriality as a unique way to bring people together, through hybrid, interactive and one of a kind experiences.


Stanislas studied a product design programme before joining the Studio’s team, to improve his technical skills as a designer while staying true to his own ecological values. Versatile, he is the Studio’s expert in logistic and production processes, and he shares its artistic direction with Juliette. He also designs workshops to raise awareness about the waste issue and encourage people to upcycle, as well as enabling them to explore their creativity.


After a 20 years career in fashion, scenography and trends, Marie-France now works in Geneva where she created the swiss branch of Wondervision. She has a special talent to promote and orchestrate synergies around her projects: she designs workshops relying on the collective gesture and she works on the concept of committed beauty. Together with Caritas Geneva she initiated L’Upcyclerie, a shared workspace and shop dedicated to upcycling.

Wondervision’s key dates


The Studio de Crécy was originally founded by Marie-France de Crécy. It aimed at highlighting exceptional artisanal know-how through unique narratives.

2016 to 2018

Juliette Roulleaux, Sidonie Lasseron and Stanislas Aroua joined the Studio de Crécy’s team which gained committed profiles and new skills. For a few years the Studio worked for luxury brands (Chanel, Hermès, Cartier, Peter Marino, Glenmorangie, Guerlain) on various projects: decors, textile design, interior architecture and film. Thanks to this, the team developed a signature, an expertise in craftsmanship and the implementation of worldwide, creative and high quality productions.


Wondervision was initially developed as a branch of the Studio de Crécy, focusing on contemporary social and environmental issues. It aimed at inventing a new connection to others through the creative act, thanks to hybrid events.

Juliette, Sidonie and Stanislas joined the management of the Studio which became Wondervision Studio. Behind its symbolic change of name, it is in fact the whole Studio’s approach that has evolved: Wondervision is a collective commitment towards a circular creative methodology, which focuses on sublimating and upcycling waste materials .


The french team moved into a new office in the eco-neighbourhood of L’Ile Saint-Denis.
The swiss branch of Wondervision was created and settled in the shared space L’Upcyclerie in Geneva.

Our studios

Located in L’Ile Saint-Denis, our french studio is a workshop and a showroom at once. It is here that Juliette, Sidonie and Stanislas transform, design and sublimate waste into new beautiful ressources.
Marie-France works at L’Upcyclerie, our genevese studio. This hybrid space combines an office and a shop; it is a space promoting synergies between several designers who work on refined upcycling.
Wondervision Paris
3, rue Vandana Shiva 93450 L’Ile Saint-Denis - France

Wondervision Geneva
63, rue des Bains 1205 Geneva - Switzerland