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Trash is Treasure

For its very first Rock’n’Sobre podcast, Radio Vostok investigates waste processing, and how to collect, transform and upcycle trash. The reporter Charlotte Frossard follows the path of garbage cans to the  waste treatment plant of Cheneviers. Then from 9:25 she discovers the Upcyclerie of Geneva, a creative lab and a boutique specialized in upcycling, created by Caritas Geneva and Wondervision Studio. There artists and designers turn trash into treasures, clothes and artworks. Charlotte finally meets Jacques Martelain, a cantonal geologist, to discuss the new law related to waste processing.
Radio Vostok, Geneva

Speakers: Marie-France de Crécy, Jacques Martelain,  Virginie Perret, Camille Kunz
Reporter: Charlotte Frossard
Production: Alexandra Nivon
Broadcast and podcast: Niels Olsen
Sound design: technical - Alexis Raphaeloff / voice over - Charlotte Schusselé