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Shaking Craftsmanship

This workshop aims to shake up and transform habits linked to craftsmanship. Here, time is upside down. When the movement is usually constrained by the time needed to apply a specific technique, here it turns fast and furtive, galvanized by the music and the beat. This workshop illustrates the joy of making together, working on a collective piece which mixes both graphic and volume outcomes.
It also highlights waste as a resource, since participants create their own embroidery supplies by transforming leftovers materials. It is a way to question beauty, which is traditionally linked to precious and noble materials.

Ana-Luçia Figueiredo, Camille Trefouel, Cintia Ferreira,
Claire Viveret, Clémence Lorriaux, Marine Duteil,
Marine Vinet: handmade embroidery
Wondervision Studio: photography