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Monsieur & Madame Mangetout

‘Carte blanche’ window displays for Hermès Ginza Store, based on the theme “In pursuit of Dreams” and produced locally.

This decor evokes our dream of a phantasmagoric world, in between the real and the imaginary. It is partly made of waste that we transformed and upcycled into new materials.
Monsieur & Madame Mangetout are two monsters with endless tentacles; a duo of insatiable gluttons. Like allegories of our capitalist system, they stuff themselves with all the items they can find in the window display. Shadows of Japanese Yokais, sort of supernatural spirits between frightening and inspiring, call to mind an orgiastic dream in the Miyazaki style. A meticulous mess which evokes a nature out of the ordinary, in between extra-terrestrial and underwater worlds.
We see plastic as a resource from the anthropocene era. In this decor, it takes unexpected shapes and reveals surprising textures as it mingles with Hermès products.

Maison Hermès, Tokyo


Hacienda: local production
Satoshi Asakawa: photography
Hervé de Crécy: photography
Hermès: video