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Les Vert.e.s de Genève

A one-day workshop for the political party les Vert.e.s Geneva, together with Pascale de Senarclens.

We designed and held a workshop focusing on town and country planning for 80 members of the Genevan political party les Vert.e.s. Through the process of making-together, participants were invited to step outside of their comfort zones, empathizing with other beings, questioning their habits and own beliefs.
It allowed them to co-create mock-ups of their most innovative and unconventional ideas as to urban planning. What if we could build a school in the forest? How would we access it? What about animals inhabiting the woods? How would we co-live? For a day, party members debated and pondered on these thematics in order to co-write their proposal regarding town and country planning of Geneva's canton.

Les Vert.e.s de Genève

Pascale de Senarclens: collective intelligence
Charlotte Eynard: photography