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Deep Matter Dream

Creation of an immersive movie made in collaboration with Hervé de Crécy and under the impulsion of Alter Projects, shown at the Extraperlo exhibition in Madrid.

This short film is an encounter between the artistic expression of the unforeseen and AI’s inherent serendipity. To rely on its resulting chaos enables one to expand the object’s imaginary and aura. And create a dialogue between our sensory self and the computer mind, unveiling a new poetic narrative. By rehabilitating digital landscapes that transmit emotions, we consequently seek to blur the boundaries between art, craftsmanship and digital creation.
With this mystery choreography between the real and the virtual, we dive into the elaboration of new plastic and theoretical discourses. We explore our sensory emotions and their influence on our original roots. Our commitment for the future is to create immersive experiences which rally the body and the senses in order to make people reconnect with themselves as beings made of matter.

Extraperlo exhibition, Madrid

Hervé de Crécy: filmmaking
Alter Projects