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Co-creating Precious Rejects

We taught this one-week workshop at the HEAD Geneva, in partnership with Caritas Geneva, on how to question and to rethink the creative process.
Nowadays as designers we need to reflect on the social and environmental impacts of our creations: what medium and materials do we use, where to source them, what message do we want to convey? Exceptional and precious matters of tomorrow might be the ones which will have the smallest impact on our ecosystems’s preservation.
This workshop aims to question matter and to discover ways of upcycling it through the testing, twist and sublimation of collected objects provided by Caritas. This approach is also an opportunity to reconnect to a creative and collective process free from result objectives.

HEAD (University of Art and Design), Geneva

Juan Sebastian Galan Bello, Aurore de Geer & Elodie Wismer
Caritas Geneva
Mathilda Olmi: photography