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Bozar Ressourcerie

Bozar is an hybrid place which highlights materials as a starting point of the creative process. There, visitors can discover alternative creation processes based on upcycling.
It works as a ressourcerie, where one can bring and collect second-hand materials. It is also a place where artisans give demonstrations of their crafts, as well as a workshops for designers.
Following a 6 months program curated by our Studio, artists, artisans and designers are invited to take up Bozar for a day. Are you intrigued about gold leafing? Interested to learn how to weave with waste materials? Or to design your very own upcycled jewellery? Welcome to Bozar!

Featured designers and artisans: apropå, Aurore de Geer, Bérénice Courtin, Borlò, Juan Sebastian Galan Bello, Lundi Piscine, L’Upcyclerie, Manuela Paul Cavalier, Nina Francesca D’Elia, Pascale de Senarclens, Projet Shippô, Projet Strata, Bazar Sans Frontières, Studio TEC, Valentin Dubois, Visual Society, Studio Wondervision and ZORAOBER.
Citynove, Nouvelles Galeries of Annecy

Salômé Guillemin: signage & graphic design
ESAAA (School of visual art and design of Annecy)
HEAD (University of Art and Design of Geneva)
Rémi Cneude: photography
Wondervision Studio: photography