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Bizar Gallery

Bizar is a contemporary art gallery, designed by Wondervision Studio and directed by ESAAA (the Annecy school of visual art and design). It supports and promotes exhibitions and artworks of young artists, ESAAA’s alumni who work on space, landscape and spatial planning. All of them work according to a sustainable creation and production process: they reuse second-hand materials in order to limit their ecological impact.

Featured artists: Chloé Devanne Langlais, Collectif Panard, Elodie Colliard, Nathan Willerval and Mélanie Augustee.
Citynove, Nouvelles Galeries of Annecy

Salômé Guillemin: signage & graphic design
ESAAA (School of visual art and design of Annecy)
Rémi Cneude: photography
Wondervision Studio: photography