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Tout part de la Matière

Creation and curation of the third place and exhibition “Tout part de la Matière” at the Nouvelles Galeries of Annecy.

After two years of work, the Nouvelles Galeries re-opened in the city center of Annecy. We were invited to create and design a space on contemporary ecological issues such as upcycling and reusing materials. Our ambition was to promote and highlight the emergence of innovative social and environmental practices from both sides of the french-swiss border.
We aimed at creating synergies bringing together a community of people interested to discuss these topics. In this project we strove to engage local artists, craftpeople and designers; as they commit towards a more sustainable creative industry, they encourage each of us to rethink our behaviour as consumers.

Featured artisans and designers: apropå, Aurore de Geer, Borlò, Juan Sebastian Galan Bello, Lundi Piscine, L’Upcyclerie, Nina Francesca D’Elia, Projet Shippô, Projet Strata, Studio TEC, Visual Society, Studio Wondervision and ZORAOBER.
Citynove, Nouvelles Galeries of Annecy

Salômé Guillemin: signage & graphic design
apropå: scenography
ESAAA (School of visual art and design of Annecy)
HEAD (University of Art and Design of Geneva)
Rémi Cneude: photography
Wondervision Studio: photography