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Once Upon a Moon

Production of background panels embroidered with stars for Maison Chanel's worldwide window displays, based on the theme “Once upon a moon” and produced locally.

We developed an expertise bringing together sustainable design and high-quality artisanal work valued by Chanel. For this project we called on our network of skilled embroiderers with whom we work closely. We only used embroidery supplies from our own stock, such as thread, beads and sequins.

Maison Chanel, Worldwide

Chloé Grasset, Claire Viveret: production assistants
Marine Duteil, Sarah Gracia, Lune Hérard, Nadia Khemissi, Clémence Lorriaux, Jodie Lucarini, Camille Trefouel: handmade embroidery
Wondervision Studio: photography