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La Recyclerie / Flagship

For Plainpalais boutique we designed an immersive space filled with heterogeneous clothing and objects thoroughly laid out. The whole scenography including wall furniture, podiums and textile decor, was made using second-hand materials. With this project we aim to demonstrate that we can create a contemporary and well-designed space by repurposing and reusing materials.

Color structures the space, highlighting several atmospheres (woman, man, kid and home). Organic shapes outline this unconventional space emphasizing each object and piece of clothing. They are placed in sceneries related to specific characters: here a traveler, there the living room of a country house, or a collector’ shelf.

The Upcyclerie corner is all about design and creation. It aims to tell the brand’ story and was created to be easily differentiated from the Recyclerie. The wall displays artistic inspirations of colors and patterns connected to the brand DNA, as each rack presents clothing items from the latest collection.

Caritas, Geneva

Caritas wood workshop: wall furniture and podiums
Caritas sewing workshop: textile decor and curtains
Marie François: mershandising
Pauline Hepner: production’s assistant photography
Pascaline Dargant: photography