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La Collection Merveilleuse 

A creation for Caron’s winter window display, designed and produced in our Studio.

This unique and playful decor highlights Caron’s Collection Merveilleuse; it is all about colors and reflections. We worked with prototypes of their new glass perfume bottles that we transformed them into colorful columns by adorning them with cardboard sheets from a previous decor.  We often repurpose and turn a decor into another setting. This one was initially designed for Caron's boutique; we then adjusted it to set it up in Printemps Haussmann for a few weeks to highlight their signature scents thanks to an artistic and responsible display.
We designed 5 tailor-made embellishment pieces in order to symbolize each of the 5 olfactive families of Maison Caron’s scents: Turkish hazelnuts bombed in gold, gold leather scraps folded by hand, plastic bottles shaped into petals. But also bark pieces and fragments of burnt cork that we had in the Studio’s drawers for years.

Maison Caron / Printemps Haussmann, Paris

Claire Viveret: production assistant
Sacré Bonus: silkscreen printing
Wondervision Studio: photography