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La Caverne des Sens

The Cave of the Senses is an experience of immersion which brings people to a reconnection with their body, senses and with nature. A sensorial journey where manual know-how meets digital craftsmanship.On the texturized walls of this shelter which is at once ancestral and futuristic, a world laden with the power of nature appears and moves. It’s familiar and nevertheless disconcerting. Visitors sail between the ominous and the supernatural. They gain ground in this new alternative, sensual, precious and strangely beautiful narrative.
Relations between matter and the digital world are today undergoing change. By creating digital landscapes which transmit emotions, we consequently seek to decompartmentalize art, craftsmanship, digital creation and realization. We see craftsmanship as serving an openness to the world and actively taking part in the digital transformation. The Cave of the Senses offers a combination which conciliates technology and nature. A living landscape in motion which says all about the extraordinary.

Pascaline Dargant: photography
Cintia Ferreira