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Bazar Boutique

Guidance of Bazar Sans Frontières in the creation and curation of its first pop up store set in the Nouvelles Galeries of Annecy.

Bazar Sans Frontières is a key player in the circular, social and solidarity economy located in Annecy, which strives for the professional reintegration of people. They store donated objects, renovate or fix them before putting them up for sale again.
For the re-opening of the Nouvelles Galeries of Annecy, we worked with Bazar Sans Frontières to design their store: from imagining the concept, producing it, to curating the products.
Our goal was to highlight the organisation’ social and ecological commitment. But also to demonstrate that nowadays, malls must make room for alternative approaches such as this one, which allow us to rethink our relationship to consumerism.
Nouvelles Galeries of Annecy

Lune Hérard & Chloé Grasset: production assistants
Pauline Hepner: photography
Wondervision Studio: photography