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À l’état brut 

A creation for Caron’s autumn window displays, designed and produced in our Studio.

This decor was created around the new signature fragrance “Aimez-moi comme je suis”, which reveals a surprising duo of compelling hazelnut and enveloping vetiver. It relies on the evocative power of Matter to create a narrative gathering earthy and woody smells, natural and raw elements which have been embellished.
A perfume creation is a long and delicate process, which we chose to narrate by highlighting the mineral and organic heritage of its ingredients. This decor offers a peculiar microcosm composed of colorful logs, precious roots, metallic gems matching the golden slivers and playing with mirrors’ reflections.

Maison Caron, Paris

Claire Viveret: production assistant
Sacré Bonus: silkscreen printing
Wondervision Studio: photography