It’s all about Matter.

When citizens take over the city

An engaged and social space within the city. A pavilion of beauty made of waste
which serves as a studio for a pedagogy devoted to ecological transition.
The Plastic Den is a space with a commitment: our wish is to actively take part in change to invent tomorrow’s city and society. It’s a place where waste, brought by inhabitants of a district, is collected and sorted out. Our methodology is to invite them to consider rejects as a resource into the creation process, to pass on the tools so that they can build this shelter from their own waste, and to create encounters as well as the setting that will play host to them.
The Plastic Den is about creating beauty and the extraordinary with waste and bringing destabilization and the unexpected. A place of semidarkness and calmness which plays with daylight. This shelter abandons itself to the changes in light and to the randomness of colors collected. On its plastic casing the accidental effects stemming from various craft techniques unfurl. One discovers the surprises of these improved surfaces which strike us from a distance and evolve when we come nearer.
Photographs: Pascaline Dargant / Sidonie Lasseron