It’s all about Matter.

Alternative Pedagogies / Our workshops

We aim to invent space-times dedicated to encounters which generate a new kind of urban diversity
that brings together different generations and social and cultural backgrounds.
We embrace the new perception of modernity & exclusivity to reinvent codes.

Co-creating Precious Rejects

HEAD (Haute École d’Arts Appliqués of Geneva) x Caritas, Geneva, 2020
A one-week workshop for the HEAD x Caritas-Geneva, on how to question
and to rethink the creative process. This workshop was supervised by :
Marie-France de Crécy (Wondervision), Juan Sebastian Galan Bello, Aurore de Geer, and Elodie Wismer

Nowadays as designers we need to reflect on the social and environmental impacts of our creations.
What medium and materials do we use, where to source them, what message do we want to convey?
Exceptional and precious Matters of tomorrow might be the ones which have the smallest impact
on our ecosystems’s preservation. This workshops aims to question matter and to discover
ways of upcycling it through testing, twists and sublimation of collected objects
provided by Caritas-Geneva. This approach is also an opportunity to reconnect to a creative
and collective process free from result objectives.

Photographs: Mathilda Olmi

Playing with Norms

Ecole primaire Jules Vallès, Saint-Ouen / Ecole primaire IFEA, Clichy, 2020 

We worked in partnership with Alexandra Laloum who teaches a CE1 class,
on a programme which focuses on the issue of waste and its transformation.
We also worked with pupils from IFEA primary school on expanding
their imaginary of matter through drawing, making and upcycling.

Photographs: Sidonie Lasseron

Shaking Craftsmanship

This workshop aims to shake up and transform habits linked to craftsmanship.
Here, time is upside down. When the movement is usually constrained by the time
needed to apply a specific technique, here it turns fast and furtive, galvanized
by the music and the beat. This workshop illustrates the joy of making together,
working on a collective piece which mix bothe graphic and volume outcomes.

Photographs: Sidonie Lasseron

Reconnecting with Matter

Mit’Ost Festival, Budapest, 2019
An event held in Budapest on the theme “Exploring Europe”.

During five days the MitOst Festival offered a wide range of topics and formats to discuss, share and learn.
We were invited to participate in the 2019 Festival, on the civic art theme. We organized a Speed-Matter Workshop there,
a space-time to shut participants off from their everyday life and offer a halt to find oneself again like in a space-time lapse.

Photographs: Mit’Ost Festival / Sidonie Lasseron