It’s all about Matter.

La récolte olfactive

Maison Caron, Paris, 2020
A creation for Caron’s summer window diplays, produced in our Studio.
On the theme “A flowery summer in Paris”, we’ve created this setting like an escape into a wonderful, fresh and exhilarating kind of nature. It offers a dense and colourful floral composition which playfully combines architecture with nature. At times mastered while at other times rebellious, this hybrid and abundant vegetation accordingly reflects a flowery summer. Its recognizable scents gradually permeate the streets of Paris and lead passers-by to the process of an olfactory harvest.
In the will to regenerate Maison Caron, we’ve thought of a new narrative for the products which are part of the story unfolding around them. These settings are also produced by only using what already exists. The brass structure was made from old pieces of furniture belonging to Maison Caron. The flowers with large colourful petals are the result of the transformation of papier-mâché egg-trays which were molded then hand-painted. As for the small flowers, those were made from bottles of water which were redesigned, painted, then ennobled in gold leaf.
Photographs: Sidonie Lasseron / Juliette Roulleaux / Claire Viveret