It’s all about Matter.

La Collection Merveilleuse

Maison Caron, Paris, 2021
A creation for Caron’s window diplay.
Production made in our Studio.
This unique and playful decor highlights Caron’s Collection Merveilleuse. It is all about colors and reflections, playing with Caron’s codes and their new perfume bottles’ shapes.
We also designed 5 tailor-made embellishment pieces in order to symbolize each of the 5 olfactive families of Maison Caron’s scents.

To symbolize the chypre fragrances we worked with Turkish hazelnuts that we bombed in gold and combined with plastic pieces transformed by hand.
For the tabacco family we designed a piece made of gold leather scraps folded by hand.
To symbolize the Precious flowers fragrances we worked with plastic bottles that we cut, melted, shaped into petals and painted. We associated these with light pink suede scraps in order to create flower-like shapes.
We decided to represent woody scents by using use real bark pieces that we collected in nature. We then painted them in champagne, adding a suede lace and a piece of lather as finishing touches.
For Amber-scented fragrances we used pieces of burnt cork that we had in the Studio’s drawers for years. After painting them, we added camel patent leather and suede pieces.
Photographs: Sidonie Lasseron