It’s all about Matter.

It’s All About Matter

Glenmorangie Whisky, 2017
Creation of an immersive matter movie highlighting the Glenmorangie Signet,
made in collaboration with Hervé de Crécy.
It’s about matter. It all starts with matter. Materials. Creating shapes, volumes, lights, and even sounds. We thought : “we should film matter”. For the light, for the sound of it.

We started calling those “matter movies”. There were images of our sculptures and embroideries. And we started arranging those as animation movies. Creating our own narratives, and even deciding some shapes would be our characters. Could we tell stories with matter ? Was that feasible ? We found out it was. Matter in itself has a heritage. It comes for the ground, or the surface, or the caves. It is mineral, organic, synthetic. Matter in itself tells a story about where it comes from and what it has always been used for.
Take cork. Cork says smell, touch and silence. Cork says cellars and liquor. Cork says history and heritage. For the “Signet” movie, we though cork in itself would tell a story. A story about traditions, noble materials, about craft.

But we also thought : those materials have always existed. We’ve used them in our crafts, but they were there before. And will always be there. It’s not only about the past but also the future. So we decided this matter movie should be a science fiction movie. Matter floating in space, dark but with light, noble and ancient, but still there. Traditions and crafts remaining. Cork floating in space : that could happen! Cork and its soft touch. Cork that makes no noise. A matter animation movie that evokes the past and the future all at once. As the future is never far from the past.
Video: Marie-France de Crécy & Hervé de Crécy