It’s all about Matter.

Wondervision is a designers’ and artisans’ movement which questions our imaginary of Matter.
It aims at renewing our vision of Beauty through a poetic narrative and a sustainable creative
methodology stemming from craftsmanship.

We’ve decided to apply this mastery of the Matter to the elaboration of new plastic
and theoretical discourses. We choose to turn waste into a resource and to shift
our expertise from the productive to the relational. Therefore to turn our profession
into a laboratory for analysis and speculation of our futures.

In order to do so, we, Stanislas Aroua, Marie-France de Crécy, Sidonie Lasseron
and Juliette Roulleaux, choose to sign this commitment under the common name of Wondervision.

Indeed, for the past two years, the Studio’s team has gained committed profiles,
all of them willing to think differently about their profession. To give it meaning
and make it responsible in the face of the various crises we’re experiencing
in the age of neo-liberalism and ecological issues.