It’s all about Matter.

À l’heure du bain

Maison Caron, Paris, 2020
A creation for Caron’s spring window diplays, produced in our Studio.
At the end of 2018, Ariane de Rothschild acquires the perfumery house Caron, founded in 1904. She breathes new life into the company by combining it with values of eco-responsibility.

It’s through this committed and poetic vision that we collaborate with Maison Caron. Our partnership focuses on boutique and shop window settings which are 100% made from waste materials. The guideline underlying this project is to fundamentally change creative processes, both in design and production.
We have thus formalized a sustainable creation methodology in order to produce settings only based on the reuse of existing materials.
We collect and transform waste materials from which we create entirely handmade immersive settings that are like a true invitation to an olfactory journey proposed by Maison Caron.

For this setting we imagined a narrative based on the intimate and refined world of the bath, poeticized by the transformation and the finishing of the Maison’s waste, such as cups from an antique chandelier or faulty glass blocks.
Precious minerals roam the setting, sponge arches are adorned with leather, mirrors play with their reflections and mosaics with their fragments to suggest the twinkling of water. At times geometric while at other times irregular, shapes and textures cross between the Art Deco style and more dreamlike inspirations.
Photographs: Sidonie Lasseron / Claire Viveret